Online Tutoring

Online Learning for a New World

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19 there were radical changes taking place in both the classroom and the way students learn. Now, online learning has become a critical part of many students' academic careers.

At Study Smart, we offer online online tutoring sessions for individual students or groups of 2-3 students that are informative, accessible and safe. We utilize the latest in rich media learning to create technology-driven lessons that are also personalized for the needs and learning styles of each student. The result is better understanding, better confidence and better grades.

Why Choose Study Smart?

We offer a revolutionary approach to online tutoring that's been proven to help students build confidence, gain deeper understanding and achieve success both and in and out the classroom.


Our team of fully-licensed tutors brings extensive experience in and out of the classroom to help students get ahead. We draw on the latest in Ontario Educational curriculum, training and theory to help each student learn at their own pace, understand crucial materials and earn higher grades.


While making material informative and instructional is key, one crucially overlooked area is building connection with a student. We use a combination of real world relational examples, stories and even humour, to help build a meaningful connection between your student and the materials.


While understanding materials is critical, it's equally important for students to build rapport and trust. That's why we also focus on relatability, with our tutors building a rapport with students to help overcome test anxiety, gain confidence and ultimately succeed in the classroom.


No two students learn in the same way. That's what makes classroom learning challenging for many kids. We take a different approach, offering personalized 1-on-1 learning that's uniquely suited to the learning style, personality and goals of each individual student.

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