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Since 2015 our team has been actively involved in education and tutoring, bringing experience from in the classroom and in the workplace to help students across Canada. Over the years, however, we quickly realized that most of the tutors we encountered were using the same outdated methods that have been around for decades. We decided to create a different approach, and the results speak for themselves, with our students consistently achieving the highest academic results.

Connecting With Students

The primary emphasis for most tutors is about making the material informative and instructional. While this is undoubtedly important, it misses one of the most crucial parts of being an educator: connecting with your student. This type of connection comes down to how you’re teaching. We use a combination of analogies, relational examples, real world stories and even humour to break the material down into its simplest form and open the door for a connection with our each and every one of our students.

Building Relatability

One of the most critical and often overlooked areas of tutoring is building an environment where the student feels they can relate to their tutor. This is something we take seriously and actively work with our tutors to develop. It means building trust with students, understanding who they are as people as well as a student, and talking with them about the materials instead of simply talking at them. It's this approach that not only allows us to help students learn the materials, but also builds confidence when it comes to test, projects and future academic growth.

Personalized Learning

No two students learn in the same way. Some are visual, some are verbal, some prefer theory, while others need to see step-by-step instructions. We also know that some students prefer learning in a one-on-one environment, whereas others are more comfortable in a small group of their peers. That's why at Study Smart, our tutors focus on creating customized education plans to match the personality, learning style and specific goals of each individual student in order to maximize comprehension and improve classroom performance.

Our Results

Our proven approach to tutoring might sound a bit different from what you may be familiar with when it comes to education, but our results speak for themselves. We've helped countless students in junior high and high school reach their goals, improve their academic careers and achieve success in and out of the classroom.

Better grades and academic achievements

More confidence with tests and learning

Preparing students for post-secondary education

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Our primary goal is always to find the right tutor for your needs. That being said, a tutor may have a great resume, but if he or she fails to connect and relate with your student, then it's almost impossible to achieve any meaningful results. One way you can get a better sense of who we are and how we approach learning is by checking out our free YouTube videos. They feature lessons from our team, student-driven Q&A and common Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology problems. Check out our YouTube videos today to learn more.

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We know classrooms have changed dramatically. That's why we offer online online tutoring sessions for individual students or groups of 2-3 students that are informative, accessible and safe.

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